To have a transparent system in place for the management to expand their business and also to cut down their cost on unwanted process.

ERP - Enterprise Resourcing Planning, a business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the day to day business. A powerfully integrated ERP system enables interactions of marketing, sales, HR hire to retire process etc that provides a seamless integration across all your modules from sales to delivery.
  • We provide services in implementing any ERP (Oracle /SAP).
  • A system to keep track of all current transactions/ costing/ employee relations.
  • An end to end integrated package implementation to have a transparent .

Phase of ERP

Phase 1: Assessment Phase

The assessment phase is just the beginning to understand your needs, this includes.

  • Scoping.
  • Health Check of the present landscape.

  • Whatever your business, we help you achieve your business goals by making technology work for you. Once we have analysed your pain points we not only suggest the solution but also find the right tool /person to execute the task . As cost is something that is every ones major concern we do.

  • A complete Cost Analysis / Pricing Strategy
  • Duration Analysis.

Phase 2: Project Consulting

Post Assessment phase a high level walkthrough is provided on the solutioning through.

  • CRPs
  • Demos
  • Presentations
  • Brain Storming sessions with key stakeholders
  • Based on the above the solution will be revisited and a Detailed Solution document will be prepared.

Phase 3: Project Kick Off

Post Statement Of Work Sign off the project will kick off with

  • Build
  • ST (System Testing)
  • SIT (System Integration Testing)
  • Change Management
  • UAT ( User Acceptance Testing)
  • Go Live / Production
  • Hypercare

Phase 4: End to End Support

Post Production Support / Warranty Support, this includes

  • Upgradation / Implementing new enhancement requests.
  • Change Requests.